Our Interior Designing &Remodeling Procedure

Redesigning and remodeling projects are carefully planned and executed by our experienced and professional interior designers. We provide you a well thought out plan and creative interior designing ideas for your living space. Following is our step by step work process in redesigning your area so that you can understand the project handling procedure and know what to expect:


The first step is the consultation or the programming stage where you meet our expert designer and share your desires, thoughts and expectations with the designing of your space.

During the consultation our professional designers will ask you a set of relevant questions to know more about the new space that needs to be redesigned. Your space will be photographed for the finer study of the area.

Lastly, our designer will discuss the timeline of the project as well as your budget for the services. Now, let’s move on to the next step, that is, design development.


Design Development

In the design development stage, we share our creative and ultra-modern ideas. Our skilled interior designers will recommend you different design plans suitable for remodeling the target area.

Various details of the project will be covered in the designing and remodeling process like coming up with brand new space plans. Numerous other points which will be taken care of include, furniture plans, color selection, and also paint work, flooring, window treatment, ceiling, wallcovering, countertops, moldings and cabinetry.

Our customers also get the custom-made furniture pieces for particular area for which we provide different sketches for the review.

Once the desired designing idea has been selected we arrange a meeting so that our client can do the final evaluation of the plan and also point out the needed improvement and revision.

Before starting the detailed work we arrange one last meeting to finalize the design and furnishing idea on the project.


Project Detailing

The third stage is project detailing and it is all about the construction documentation details. Details and specifications of the designs are properly documented so that your contractor gets the clear idea of the work that needs to be done.

Proper designing is done to suit your taste and budget. We also assist our clients in selecting the right contractor that has cost-effective services for completing the designing and furnishing work within the required time period.

Our turnkey and end to end services are designed to make sure hassle-free execution and completion of the project. Final purchase order is drafted before the construction and installation is commenced.


Construction &Installation

Once the construction phase is started, it means the sub-contractors have started the construction and installation process. During this phase our designers will inspect and monitor the work that is being done by the sub-contractors so that the project is completed on time and as planned.

Even during the construction phase we discuss and meet our clients on the regular basis to check if they are satisfied with the ongoing work. After construction, we make sure that the furnishings and various artworks are delivered and installed properly.

Completion of successful installation will bring us to the final stage of the project development where we meet our client and take a final inspection of the area. We prepare a list of minor changes and finishing touch that needs to be done.

Even after successfully concluding the work you can always reach out to us for any other service or maintenance details needed for you newly furnished and designed living and work space.